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Our Philosophy

We recognize the essential wholesomeness of the human body and that life is enhanced by the naturalness of social nudity. From exercise to relaxation, physical health and mental well-being are enriched through social nude recreation. We have the right to practice social nudity in the appropriate settings, provided we do not infringe on the rights of others.

Who We Are

We are a like-minded and fun-loving group of people living mostly in the greater Houston area who have formed a social, nudist travel club. We meet in our sail and power boats on Galveston Bay, Clear Lake, or even off shore in the Gulf of Mexico. We also meet at established nudist resorts throughout Texas and Oklahoma.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to own a boat?
No. Although some of our activities are on the water, and a boat is necessary in order to arrive at some of those destinations, it is not a prerequisite that you own a boat before joining the GCNYC. In fact most of our members are non-boat owners who have joined our club just to take advantage of the many opportunities available to members of a recognized, nudist travel club.

What is a travel club?
"Travel club" is a designation given to an official nudist organization that does not have a parcel of land on which its members can regularly meet. Such clubs as those are referred to as "landed" clubs. There are about eight travel clubs in Texas that are recognized by the AANR.

What is AANR?
The American Association for Nude Recreation is the largest naturist organization in North America. It has over 50,000 members and has been in existence for over 50 years. It protects our rights and freedoms by monitoring legislatures at all levels of government to insure that no laws are passed that would threaten our lifestyle or jeopardize our legal freedoms. The AANR also protects our personal rights by strongly endorsing the highest standards of family oriented nude recreation within the ranks of its membership. You will find that these are just a few of the benefits associated with an AANR membership.

Can I join both AANR and GCNYC?
Yes. In fact, just by joining GCNYC, you automatically become a member of AANR and AANRSW (AANR Southwest). You will receive the official AANR membership card and AANR's monthly publication, "The Bulletin". As an AANR member, you would be welcomed at any of the numerous AANR affiliated landed clubs across the country, and you will also enjoy the added benefit of discounted rates wherever and whenever you visit. You would never be expected to join any of the landed clubs in order to continue your visitations. You would have access to the toll-free hotline for the latest nude recreation, an invitation to attend regional and national conventions, complimentary membership in the International Naturist Federation, discounts on selected AANR merchandise, and finally you would receive the satisfaction of knowing that you are supported by thousands of others who share your common sense prospective about the naked human form and its proper place within our culture.

How much are the membership fees?
A single membership is $50 an a family membership is $85.
You annual membership dues entitle you to all the member benefits of AANR, AANRSW and GCNYC.

Great! How do I join?
Contact us at, or write us at PO Box 1050, League City, TX 77573. Better yet, join us at one of the monthly "second Friday" dinners. (see the information on the calendar page to find out how to do that) After joining, you will receive your AANR membership card in the mail which can be used for many benefits including your club discounts. You will also begin receiving your publication from AANR, The Bulletin, and your email address will be added to the GCNYC Yahoo group email list.