The bold events listed below are our Second Friday dinners. These are held at 7:00 P.M. on the second Friday of each month. They are clothed events (obviously) that make it possible for us to meet with new people who may be interested in learning more about us and our club. Prospective members are welcomed to join us at these events. It is best if you email us so that we can respond sending you a telephone number you can use to find us amidst the crowd. We typically have a couple of dozen members attending these dinners.

Yet to be added: Sailing out on the Bay, day trip to Emerald Lake, fireworks on the bay,
pool parties & other possible destinations
NOTE: Activities with an  * (asterisk) designate member's only activity.

Covid-19 Disclaimer: Many events have been cancelled due to the virus. We have been hosting some monthly dinners on Zoom. If you would like to join us for Zoom dinner on the 2nd Friday of the Month, please email and we will get you the link.


January 10: Joe's BBQ- Alvin
January 18-20, Road trip to Nature's Resort in Edinberg
January 24: Tim & Paulina's

February 14: John & Mary's house in Galveston (members only)
February 15: Golf Cart Parade in Galveston

March 13: Ellie's, 108 S Friendswood Dr,

April 3, 4 & 5: GCNYC Travels to Emerald Lake in Porter, TX
April 10: El Toro in Baytown
April 18 & 19: Bare Buns Fun Run 5K at Star Ranch in McDade, TX
April 24 & 25: 5k Bare Buns run at Wildwood Resort, Decatur, TX

May 8: TJ Reed's
May 9 or 10: Dock party @ Lonnie & Madeline's boat

June 12: Noah's Ark

July 10: O'Neal's Pub
July 18: Gordon's Pool Party

August 14: King's Biergarten

September  11: Mogul's, Houston
September: Lonnie & Madeline dock party               

October  9: Palonia, Houston
October: Movie night @ Gary & Juli's
October: 5k Nude run at Hidden Lake Resort in Jay, FL

November  10: Garson

*December  11: *Holiday Party- At the Skipper's house in Pearland

Newcomers and prospective members are welcomed to join us at the Second Friday dinners.

* Asterisk designates member's only activity.

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