Tales of the Bare Boater

Trip to Mira Vista
December 2021
Two couples took a pre-Christmas vacation to Mira Vista Nudist Resort in Tucson, Arizona. The pool area was wonderful in the bright sun. During cloudier times, we ventured over to Saguaro National Park, which is 10 minutes away to enjoy short hikes. We found a variety of fantastic, ethnic restaurants. One favorite was Blacktop Grill, with local specialty, Sonoran Hot Dogs. Sunset was enjoyed on Mira Vista's sunset porch with the clouds illuminated before the storm the next morning. 


Holiday Party
December 2021
We met at the Skipper's house for a some holiday festivities. We had spaghetti and freshly baked bread. We decided on the 2022 restaurants for Second Friday Dinner. Then the White Elephant gift exchange. Alcoholic gifts were 'stolen' many times. A delightful blue ceramic pie dish is now a lovely bird bath on a recently renovated patio. 


Pool Party
June 2021
The club was invited to a lovely pool party. There were 14 members in attendance. We enjoyed the sun and water through the afternoon and well into the evening. A couple slept over to avoid driving late. Pizza was served as well as the everyone's tasty contributions of fruit, hummus, meats, crackers and trailmix.  A volleyball was tossed around to keep us active. A great time was had by all!


Movie Night
August 2020
Despite the pandemic, Movie Night was still held as a house party. A small gathering enjoyed each other's company to view a movie and sit in the hot tub. 

Weekend at Emerald Lakes
June 2017
The club spent the weekend at Emerald Lakes, a landed club in the northern Houson area. We used kayaks and paddle boards on the lake. We had an amazing Wine Dinner with Kobe steaks and a wine vertical of Sterling Cabernet from 2006 through 2011. 


Fireworks on Galveston Bay

We go boating on Galveston Bay for the Friday Night Fireworks during the summer. We spend the day boating or sailing around the bay. We enjoy sunset and then the firework display before heading back to shore.

burgee on galveston bay.jpg